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Guided Tours:

Our uniquely designed 4 hour tours are $500-$800/rider

(time and routes are tailored for you depending on your experience and conditioning)

Your Equipment

 - Full face DOT helmet (required, bring your own or rent one from us) - $50

 - Waterproof snow clothes.  Ski or snowboard gear work great or a full snow suit.

 - Waterproof gloves are great, and the thinner the better.  Our bars are heated for your comfort and regular fall style moto gloves can work well.

 - Waterproof boots are pretty essential. Moto boots are great but Sorel style boots and other waterproof boots work well.  We have used waterproof socks in our moto boots successfully as well.

 - Snow/ski goggles.  Standard single pane lens moto goggles are not the best option as they tend to fog up.

 - Bring your pack!  Lots of water, snack and lunch.  An extra pair of gloves and goggles can be handy as well.  We will ask you to leave your beers in the car to be enjoyed post ride.

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